Rudy Adopted

Happy Tail: Rudy

We can’t thank you enough for giving us the wonderful opportunity to have Rudy in our family. We love him very very much! He’s an amazing companion,  friend and family member. Although it’s only been 3 weeks as of yesterday it’s like he’s been with us all his life. His genuine love for myself,  my […]

Crusoe Adopted

Happy Tail: Crusoe

Crusoe Getting Even Comfier~ . . . such a sweet boy! Thank you for taking such care with him to prepare him for his forever home 😀

Penny Adopted

Happy Tail: Penny

Penny is an Australian Cattle Dog, and has been with us for a year and a half now. She has made that year and a half full of laugh, smiles, kisses, and joy. She brightens up the room everytime she walks in. Everyone in our family is beyond obsessed with her. Although she is very […]


Happy Tail: Logan and Fat Mama (fka Michaela)

After losing our best friend Frankie this month, we were looking to fill our home with some happiness. We found it times two! Meet Logan (dark hair) and Micheala (who we renamed Fat Mama). Although they been with us less than a month, we love them dearly. They are perfect with us and with each […]

Pax adopted

Happy Tail: Pax

We got HSW’s voicemail yesterday asking us how our adopted cat, Pax, is doing after a month with us.  He’s doing great and so are we!  Here is a photo we took – hope you like it.   Thanks again!

Sonny Adopted

Happy Tail: Tater (fka Sonny)

I adopted Sonny, now named Tater on February 17, 2017. He now has a forever best friend named Mia and he is fitting in just perfectly in our home! Their favorite things to do together are hiking and playing tug of war.  Thank you so much for this little guy, he’s turning into a great […]

Ziggy Adopted

Happy Tail: Ziggy

We believe we adopted Ziggy in either 2004 or 2005. We never changed his name because it was perfect for his personality. He quickly learned his house manners and filled our lives with tons of joy. He’s the last of our original crew! He was the ring bearer for our wedding in 2006. We don’t […]


Happy Tail: Greg

Hello! My name is Thomas, and I am 13. To tell the story of why my family got Greg, we have to talk about my cats before Greg, Rita and Ralph. I don’t know that much about them, but I know we had them when I was young, before my birth to me being 6. […]