Happy Tail: Ollie (FKA Whitendale)

Whitindale, who now goes by Ollie, and I have been busy having too much fun! He has settled in so well, and is quite the social butterfly. He is quite the walker, loving both me and his dog nanny Vickie, his many dog buddies,  my parents, and his sister (my parents’ dog) Kate. We’ve taken […]

Happy Tail: Oreo (FKA Salami)

Hi Humane Society –  just wanted to let you know that Oreo is doing great and has been just an amazing addition  to our family.  He loves his big kitty sister Harley and  two human sisters lol ..♡♡♡Adopt your next pet the rewards and the love are endless….

Happy Tail: Macoun

Thank you!!  Things are going great! Macoun is the perfect fit for me AND my other dog Lily. He is already potty trained and the dogs play all the time.  He cuddles and sleeps with me or in the crate.  I’m so happy with him!

Happy Tail: Cosmo

On March 12 we were fortunate enough to adopt a snowshoe Siamese cat after losing our 20 year old tuxedo and then our 17 year old calico in the same year. I have always wanted to have a snowshoe, realizing that they are very loyal and affectionate cats. We brought him home, keeping him isolated […]

Happy Tail: Paige the Puppy

Here are some of the most recent pictures of ‘Lady’ we renamed ‘Paige.’ She is doing well, more and more playful everyday! Certainly now feels at home at our place and in a routine. Currently working on basic training and potty training. Paige’s coat has turned almost brown! Still undertone of black, and black on her legs […]

Happy Tail: Stella

I adopted Stella (fka Jade) from you guys way back in 2004, when she was about a year old and very small. She’d apparently been an outdoor cat before you guys took her into the shelter and she had a snipped right ear. Twelve years later she is still my best bud; a fat, healthy, […]

Happy Tail: Bentley (FKA Doo)

We adopted Bentley a month ago and he is already a perfect fit! He loves helping with laundry (by taking clothes and hiding them in his spot) and he loves making friends with bunnies in the backyard. He is a kind puppy and always playful!