Happy Tail: Paige the Puppy

Here are some of the most recent pictures of ‘Lady’ we renamed ‘Paige.’ She is doing well, more and more playful everyday! Certainly now feels at home at our place and in a routine. Currently working on basic training and potty training. Paige’s coat has turned almost brown! Still undertone of black, and black on her legs […]

Happy Tail: Stella

I adopted Stella (fka Jade) from you guys way back in 2004, when she was about a year old and very small. She’d apparently been an outdoor cat before you guys took her into the shelter and she had a snipped right ear. Twelve years later she is still my best bud; a fat, healthy, […]

Happy Tail: Bentley (FKA Doo)

We adopted Bentley a month ago and he is already a perfect fit! He loves helping with laundry (by taking clothes and hiding them in his spot) and he loves making friends with bunnies in the backyard. He is a kind puppy and always playful!

Happy Tail: CJ

We adopted little CJ in December. We wanted to let you know he’s doing very well in his forever home with his 3 human siblings and his senior canine sister (Rosie’s a 12 y/o lab). He has especially brought Rosie some energy  back (though sometimes she doesn’t share in the same 24/7 enthusiasm he has […]

Happy Tail: Marley (FKA Lorna Doone)

It has been a week since we adopted Marley (AKA Lorna Doone). She is the perfect dog! Thanks to everyone at The Humane Society of Westchester at New Rochelle for taking such great care of her until she found her forever home

Happy Tail: Ellie

Ellie was adopted in May and has fit right in with the family! Our youngest daughter, Amanda, is working on agility training with her. Ellie is a natural!

Happy Tail: Chester & Danny (FKA Bernie & Dani)

Chester (AKA Bernie) and Danny (AKA Dani – photo included) have been with us for 3 months now. Danny is no longer the timid cat that we met. He is now social and playful.  A BIG thank you to your volunteer, Jim for his time and expertise and for helping us find our perfect match! […]

Happy Tail: Buddy (FKA Finn)

Sorry this took a little while to get to you, but it’s not easy to take pictures of two hyper boys at once without it being blurred, and I wanted to wait till I had some good ones. So here they are together. Thanks again!

Happy Tail: Harriet

It’s been almost 2 years since I adopted Harriet. She has become a wonderful addition to my family. Everyone who meets her loves her, I can’t believe it took so long for someone to snatch her up! She has been doing great, and I’m so glad I found her.

Happy Tail: Tank (FKA Romeo)

We adopted Tank FKA Romeo almost two years ago. He’s an only dog (for now – we’ll be back for a sibling) but he loves other dogs. He spent the weekend in VT with my parents’ goldens and he’s been sleeping since we got home. Thanks NRHS! We love this gentle giant more than anything […]