Brooklyn & Why Eyes – The Gift of Compassion


This baby was found cold and alone on a construction site in Brooklyn – no mother cat and no siblings. He was so small that his eyes were still closed and he was unable to walk. As every mother knows, newborn babies are the most fragile and needy.   That is exactly how it is with newborn kittens.

A Good Samaritan found the baby kitten and brought him home to Westchester, but quickly realized that the kitten was in severe distress. Baby Brooklyn was rushed to Humane Society of Westchester in hope that he would make it. Lucky for Brooklyn, our staff was able to keep him alive. We then found him a foster home, where each day was another chance for survival. Neo-natal kittens must be fed via bottle every 2 hours, night and day, and kept warm at all times. Over many weeks, Brooklyn grew stronger and opened his eyes. He began to walk, he ate and drank on his own, and he befriended the other cats and dogs in his foster home. He learned how to play, groom himself, and love people. It was now time for Brooklyn to find a forever home of his own.


Why Eyes

This small kitten was caught by a chain link fence. She twisted her leg in an effort to free herself, but the chains mutilated her leg. For two days, she was stuck. For two days, she screamed and cried. Life on the streets is hard for every cat, but it is even tougher for kittens. There are so many risks for outdoor cats and kittens; it is hard to list them all. The environment is full of dangers, many of which are life threatening.

When a kind passerby heard the kitten screaming and called Humane Society of Westchester, we rushed to the site. The fence had to be cut to finally free the kitten but, as she was not acclimated to people, it was especially difficult. At last, the baby was free. We rushed her back to the shelter where she got much needed medical attention. Unfortunately, her mangled leg could not be saved and had to be amputated. Once she was stabilized, she went into a foster home where she could be socialized to people while she healed from her surgery. There, she was named Why Eyes as she always seemed to be asking questions with her big eyes. Building trust between a kitten that has been through this type of ordeal and humans is a time-consuming labor of love. Without foster families willing to do this, kittens like Why Eyes would have no chance for a healthy and loving life. After many weeks of healing and socializing, Why Eyes was finally ready for a home of her own.


Brooklyn eventually chose a perfect family for himself; one that was looking for love again after losing their elderly dog. Now, Brooklyn is settled in and his family’s broken hearts have healed. It looks like all is coming up roses for Brooklyn and his awesome family!



Why Eyes hit the jackpot when it came to finding a forever home. Her foster family simply could not let her go. Why Eyes is now a member of a loving family committed to making the world a better place, one foster kitten at a time.


This is not possible without you!

Whether it is $1 or $1000, you can help an animal just like Brooklyn find its forever home or help an animal like Why Eyes receive life-saving treatment. Donate today!

Only through your generous donations to the Humane Society of Westchester's Help Heal Fund are we able to find happy endings for some very sick animals. Brooklyn & Why Eyes are just two of those who arrived so close to death and will now only know a life filled with love and affection. During this season of thanks, we know that both Brooklyn & Why Eyes speak for all of the Help Heal pets when they say, “Your gift is truly lifesaving – thank you for helping all of us survive!”

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