Dusty on the Road to Recovery

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Lucky for Dusty, a kind family found him just in the nick of time. Sweet Dusty was trying to walk on a local street next to the filthy, infested cat carrier that he had been left in. He was so emaciated and weak that he could hardly walk, but he clearly wanted to get up. The family scooped him up and brought him to Humane Society of Westchester hoping that he would survive.

Dusty was tragically underweight and very dehydrated. He had tailbones protruding from his tail and urine burns all over his body. He could not walk without falling over. He urinated and defecated on himself. He was filthy and looked very old.

From his condition, we could only conclude that Dusty lived inside the cat carrier he was found with. He was not fed very often, likely had no litter box, and he was not allowed to walk freely.   Despite being in this condition, Dusty purred when he arrived at the shelter and craved affection, giving us an early glimpse of his true personality.

Thanks to life saving veterinary treatment, and an abundance of love, Dusty is now on the road to recovery. He has learned to use the litter box, he eats voraciously and he is putting on weight. He stretches his legs and is getting steady on his feet as he gains muscle strength.   The greatest joy is watching Dusty groom himself and become the cat he was born to be. Our new opinion is that Dusty is about 5 years old, not the 15 years he looked to be when he arrived.

Only through your generous donations to the Humane Society Help Heal Fund, are we able to find happy endings for some very sick animals. Dusty is just one of those who arrived so close to death and will now only know a life filled with love and affection. During this season of thanks, we know that Dusty speaks for all of the Help Heal pets when he says, “Your gift is truly lifesaving – thank you for helping all of us survive!”

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