#GIVING TUESDAY – every gift matters!


On GIVING TUESDAY & beyond, we all have a chance to donate to causes close to our heart. We hope you consider making a donation that allows homeless pets like BELLAMY a chance to survive.

On a cold day in October, a badly injured cat arrived at our shelter, having been dumped at another rescue that could not take him in. The cat was so severely wounded that we thought he had been hit by a car. Our veterinarian immediately began assessing his injuries and realized he could not use his back leg and had several open wounds on his face and body. Despite his many injuries, the cat purred and seemed to know that he was finally safe. After cleaning and treating the many wounds and viewing x-rays, the vet determined that the cat had actually been viciously attacked by another animal!

We named him BELLAMY and put countless hours and treatments into bringing him back to life. The flesh wounds eventually started to heal, but his leg remained “out of service.” Because BELLAMY was attacked by another animal, he must remain until February at the shelter, where he will receive the love and care he deserves. In the meantime, we are hopeful that his leg will heal but are prepared for amputation if required. BELLAMY will get everything he needs during this difficult journey on his way to finding a loving permanent home.

Simply put, we cannot do the lifesaving work we do without you! THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts and from sweet BELLAMY!


Earlier this year DUCHESS' former owner had surrendered her to a high kill shelter in North Carolina; she arrived at the shelter defeated, unloved & rather thin, with a skin condition.

Volunteers & staff worked with her for many months to get her physically and mentally ready for a chance at a forever home. Her adoption day was one of the happiest ever. This girl had a huge following of caring people cheering her on!

Her family shared a photograph of DUCHESS today -- she is beyond loved and adored.

And yes, that is a HUGE smile you see on her face!

We need your support to continue doing what we love to do.🐾



MEADOW was found on the side of a road in Mamaroneck. Her eyes were badly infected and she suffered from a severe upper respiratory infection.

We are now very happy to report that MEADOW is responding to medical treatment!  She is feeling so much better and can finally see!

Your donations will continue to help us help sick, injured & homeless pets like MEADOW, DUCHESS & BELLAMY!

Every little bit helps!

Let's make a difference.



On #GivingTuesday & beyond, please help the Humane Society of Westchester continue this work by making a donation, either a one time or recurring donation.  And please, spread the word!

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