Senior cat found in feral community

Senior Cat, missing for 2 years, found in a feral cat colony

Through TNR, feral cats are Trapped, Neutered, and vaccinated and then Returned to their colonies to live their lives out in a healthier manner without reproducing. Community cats live in managed colonies where dedicated caretakers provided regular feedings and proper shelter. The Humane Society of Westchester’s TNR Fund allows colony caretakers or other volunteers to trap the feral cats and bring them to the shelter to be spayed/neutered and vaccinated for low or no cost. The TNR cats usually live a quite content life, but occasionally they offer some surprises!

A small cat colony in Pelham Manor had such a surprise when, a year ago, a calico cat appeared in the colony. Although she had a collar and tag, caretakers could not get close enough to read it.  Beatnik, the oldest cat in the colony, befriended her.  When Beatnik passed away this summer, the calico became depressed and listless.   Desperate, a caretaker used a telephoto lens and snapped a picture of the tag.  Read the surprise ending

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