Happy Tail: Greg

Hello! My name is Thomas, and I am 13.

To tell the story of why my family got Greg, we have to talk about my cats before Greg, Rita and Ralph. I don’t know that much about them, but I know we had them when I was young, before my birth to me being 6. When the Christmas of 2015 was coming up, my brother asked to get a cat, and my mom and I agreed, but my dad didn’t. But I guess my mom convinced my dad to get a cat, because on Christmas, we got cat toys in our stockings, and my dad said that sometime over Christmas break we would get a cat. My mom was looking up cats on the Humane Society of Westchester shelter website, and she found Greg, who was described as a playful and huggable. The next day, we met Greg, and we liked how he was really energetic, so we decided to get Greg. Greg has positively affected our lives, just by being there when we need him, and when we don’t, he just makes us happier. We don’t have to walk up and pet him, he just walks up to us and he rubs us, and he allows us to kiss his forehead.  Also, at night, he becomes really playful, and just runs around like a maniac and hides in boxes.

Over all Greg has come into our lives and spiced it up by just being cute and funny, and as they say, a day without laughter is a day wasted!

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