Happy Tail: Penny

Penny is an Australian Cattle Dog, and has been with us for a year and a half now. She has made that year and a half full of laugh, smiles, kisses, and joy. She brightens up the room everytime she walks in. Everyone in our family is beyond obsessed with her. Although she is very protective, and has a little aggressive streak she has the most quirky personality ever. Penny sits at the dinner table with us, sleeps in the middle of the bed at night, bites her toes, and makes the cutest noises (kinda like a cat). She will steal socks, play bite, and scratch to get attention when she’s not getting enough in her mind. Penny gets along perfectly with our 13 year old beagle Elroy, even though they don’t play often because of the age difference they never fight. Penny is a wonderful dog to walk with off leash in the woods or path. She will never leave your side, and if she ever does she will run right back. Penny is the kind of dog to wait by the door/window waiting for you to come home, and when you finally get home she wiggles and wiggles with her stubby little tail until she can’t wiggle anymore. I can’t thank the Humane Society  enough for our little ball of sunshine. She has been a true blessing to our household.

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