Small & Furry Pets Available for Adoption

Frederick the Satin Rabbit, Charlotte & her Robo Hamster siblings, & Lop Eared Rabbits Chicken & Waffles are all available for adoption!


Frederick is a young male Satin Rabbit who was abandoned outside shortly after Easter.

Charlotte,  her TWO SISTER & FIVE BROTHERS came to us after out of control breeding.

They are young Roborovski hamsters, which is a very active breed of hamster.

The boys have been separated from the girls & all are available for adoption.

These Robo hamsters love to run on their exercise wheel.

Watch the Robo Hamster video:  CHARLOTTE & ROBO HAMSTER FAMILY

Chicken & Waffles had pet owners who moved away & could not keep them.

8 month old Lop-Ears CHICKEN (blue-eyed female) & WAFFLES (brown eyed male) arrived after their family had to move away. Rabbits deserve a lifetime commitment of love & care. For information about rabbit care:


Please call the shelter at (914) 632-2925 for more information!