Virtual Volunteer Program

We welcome Virtual Volunteers!

Volunteer opportunities that strengthen college applications and offer required community service hours have been severely limited due to COVID! Partner with your pet to volunteer valuable hours and raise money for a great cause – The Humane Society of Westchester!

The Virtual Volunteer Program allows volunteers of all ages, all walks of life, and all areas of the country to volunteer time to help us help our animals by collecting monetary and in-kind donations.

It's Easy!

Step 1

Pick your event. Whether it's our DogWalk Challenge or a Supplies Drive, there is an opportunity for everyone to make an impact.

Pledge Drives: There is a $20 minimum pledge. You will automatically earn 2 hours of community service time plus an additional one hour for every sponsor you obtain, up to 20 hours maximum.

Sales/Supplies Drives: You will earn 5 hours of community service for every day of your sale or Supplies Drive!

Step 2

Go for it! If you're having a sale, hold your sale. If you're collecting pledges print out the Pledge Form and talk it up.

Step 3

Let us know how you did. Complete our Virtual Volunteer form.

If you've raised money you'll be redirected to PayPal. We will then email you with your hours.

If you've collected supplies, you can drop those off and we'll have your confirmation ready to go.

Suggested Events

  1. Virtual DogWalk Challenge
    A challenge to complete a pledged amount of time walking your pet! You select the day and solicit family and friend supporters to donate a self-determined amount for your DogWalk.
  2. Bake Sale/Lemonade Stand/Other Sale
    Be creative! Make slime, sock puppets, bracelets!
  3. Supplies Drive
    The shelter is always in need of:

    • Feline Pine Litter
    • Rubbing Alcohol, Distilled Water, Hydrogen Peroxide
    • Unscented/sensitive skin Baby Wipes
    • Canned dog food (any brand)
    • Canned cat food (any brand)
    • Pill Pockets
    • Small Fleece Blankets for our cats and kittens
    • Cleaning Supplies- paper towels, glass cleaner, dish soap, hand soap, bleach, sanitizing wipes.

Direct donations of all levels are also appreciated.

Any questions? Call our main number at 914-632-2925 or email to

Now let’s get started and earn those hours!

Please note, Virtual Volunteer hours are not applicable for court-ordered community service.

Virtual Volunteer Form