Tinkles Happy Ever After

Missing Senior Cat for 2 years Found in a feral cat colony

The TNR cats usually live a quite content life, but occasionally they offer some surprises!

A small cat colony in Pelham Manor had such a surprise when, a year ago, a calico cat appeared in the colony. Although she had a collar and tag, caretakers could not get close enough to read it.  Beatnik, the oldest cat in the colony, befriended her.  When Beatnik passed away this summer, the calico became depressed and listless.   Desperate, a caretaker used a telephoto lens and snapped a picture of the tag.

The phone number on the tag was no longer in service.  Not to be deterred, the HSW staff swung into action and found a family member – the daughter, a college student, living in Manhattan.  It turns out that 10 year old indoor cat Tinkles had snuck out of her home two years ago and had been missing ever since.

An HSW TNR volunteer tried for 3 full days to trap Tinkles so she could be returned to her family. Alas, Tinkles simply refused to be trapped.  On the third day as hope was fading, the family daughter took the train from NYC arriving at the colony anxious to bring Tinkles home.   She started to call to Tinkles who was across the yard.  Tinkles stopped in her tracks and turned her head to the young woman with ears perked up.  Still unsure, the cat went behind a rock meowing every time she heard her name.  In a matter of minutes, the girl picked Tinkles up and placed her in a cat carrier. 

Tinkles is settling back in to home life nicely and is delighted to be reunited with her family.  From the photos we received, we agree and couldn’t be happier!

Stories like this are what TNR and animal rescue are all about!    We are so grateful to community cat caretakers, HSW TNR volunteers and the donors who all make this work possible!  Certainly Tinkles was able to survive her ordeal because a managed colony was able to keep her fed and sheltered. 

On #GivingTuesday, help HSW continue this work by donating to our TNR Fund either one time or recurring.   You’ll be helping us to save so many lives by preventing unwanted litters of kittens and vastly improving the quality of life of community cats.  And please, spread the word!


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