Happy Tail: Cleo

Just wanted you to know Cleo is doing very well. She LOVES EVERYONE, lol. My mother in law is in love with her, takes her for multiple walks daily. Cleo has so many play dates. She follows her daddy ALL OVER. She goes to the motorcycle shop, to the race track, hikes in the woods, loves truck rides, not a fan of swimming but loves to watch the fish and blow bubbles under the water (its hysterical). Cleo has 9 million toys and a bed for almost every room but prefers to sleep with dad. She met her new Vet & staff. Good bill of health but She did have a foot fracture at some point in her life that was not treated. No worries as it doesn’t bother her. The only “issue” she has is chewing……everything. We are trying every chew toy ever created and will continue to train her, so hopefully this issue will be short lived.  Hope all is well there. Cleopatra sends her love and sloppy kisses!.