Humane Society of Westchester’s 17th Annual Dog Wash Fundraiser



Our Dog Wash fundraiser for 2017 was a fabulous day for everyone!

We had amazing vendors, great food, wonderful music courtesy of Bach to Rock/Mamaroneck, & fabulous two-footed & four-footed guests!

Thank you to the vet techs (Cheri Howes & team) who clipped the nails for 5 hours, Lulu Winks, for her face painting creations, Matt LaMonica, who volunteered to take pet portraits, the talented Cat, who created the beautiful paw print paintings, Joy & Nikki for manning the Ask the Trainer booth, & to our staff who kept things copacetic indoors during this event! We had some amazing adoptions during the Dog Wash!

A very special THANK YOU goes to our wonderful volunteers, who washed, dried, brushed the dogs, did crafts with kids, helped with paw paintings, did face paintings, sold merchandise, directed traffic, handled registration, arrived EARLY to help set up tents, tables, chairs & signs, stayed LATE to clean up afterwards, & WORKED THEIR TAILS OFF to make this day very special!




Dog Wash Attractions included:

• Ask the Trainer booth:
  10am-12noon with Nikki
  12n-2pm with Joy Becker/A Dog’s Joy

• Family portraits with your best canine friend
  10:30am – 2pm with Matt LaMonica

• Face painting
  10am – 3pm with Lulu Winks

• Paw Print painting
  10am – 3pm with Cat

• CANCELLED: Canine Good Citizen Test (AKC):
  11am – 2pm with Kate’s Canines

FABULOUS vendors!