Happy Tail: Smores (FKA Special)

Our family adopted Smores in May 2016. She choose us. Her beautiful face and spark in her step, we knew she was the one. To our surprise, she was 8 years old. We have all been so happy and love that she is a part of our family. Smores spends most of her days basking […]

Humane Society of Westchester’s 17th Annual Dog Wash Fundraiser

  THANK YOU! Our Dog Wash fundraiser for 2017 was a fabulous day for everyone! We had amazing vendors, great food, wonderful music courtesy of Bach to Rock/Mamaroneck, & fabulous two-footed & four-footed guests! Thank you to the vet techs (Cheri Howes & team) who clipped the nails for 5 hours, Lulu Winks, for her […]

Happy Tail: Virgil

Virgil was adopted on Thursday April 20th (2017). He is an 8 month old Maine Coon mix who is extremely affectionate and playful. He loves to talk/sing to you and play with his two older siblings Oatmeal and Mona!

Happy Tail: Rudy

We can’t thank you enough for giving us the wonderful opportunity to have Rudy in our family. We love him very very much! He’s an amazing companion,  friend and family member. Although it’s only been 3 weeks as of yesterday it’s like he’s been with us all his life. His genuine love for myself,  my […]

Happy Tail: Crusoe

Crusoe Getting Even Comfier~ . . . such a sweet boy! Thank you for taking such care with him to prepare him for his forever home 😀