Mackie, the hero dog who helped us save a scared, lost dog has found his family!

Great news — MACKIE has a brand new family! Congratulations to our 8 year old hero, who helped us bring Ginger the Min Pin to safety!”
To refresh your memory – – July 13, 2022 Here is the story: We looked out our front window and saw NRPD cars with flashing light approaching the shelter. A small dog was prancing down the street in front of their cars! Staff ran out to catch her. She was avoiding everyone at all costs. Shelter Manager Tiffany, grabbed little Mackie to coax her to safety – and he did!. Little did we know that she was 17.5 years old, blind and partially deaf. Turns out “Ginger” had gotten out of the home and had been traveling the busy streets of New Rochelle. Her family was frantic trying to find her. Today was her happy reunion with her VERY worried Mom. I can tell you we were all in tears, happy tears!” And now our hero Mackie has his very own family to love!