Happy Tail: Rosie (fka Whisker)

I saw Rosie’s picture on the website and fell in love with her sweet, kind face. My husband and I went to see her and were struck by how friendly and sweet she was. We’re big Golden Girls fans in my household and we named her Rosie in honor of Rose Nyland, the sweetest of […]

Happy Tail: Momo

We adopted Momo, an eight-week-old kitten who looks suspiciously like a Maine Coon, only two weeks ago, and she’s already the heart of our household! She’s a bouncing ball of energy, chasing balls and attacking paper bags nonstop, but also incredibly loving; she follows us all over the house! She’s nearly won over Bodhi, our […]

Happy Tail: Mila

Mila is a senior cutie that we adopted in August, seen here in Black and White with her senior sister Sonja. Mila and Sonja are partners in crime, they steal seats, snacks, hugs and hearts.

Happy Tail: Maeve

Five years ago, a sweet dog you named Casino was brought in just as she was ready to give birth. The staff named one of the puppies Domino. We brought her home ad named her Maeve. She’s a beautiful sweet girl who is silly and very loving. We celebrated her birthday this week and we […]

Happy Tail: Karl & Zarathustra

We adopted our two delightful cats last year (Abbott & Costello) and just wanted to follow up and thank you. We could never have imagined how great the cats are!  We’ve named them Karl (“Big Man”) and Zarathustra (“Small Man”). They’re happy & healthy, and bring joy to us daily. Thanks again!

Happy Tail: Tabatha (fka Judy Dench)

We adopted a beautiful tabby named Judi Dench on 12/24 for my daughter Eva.  We fell in love with her as soon as we saw her.  She’s so sweet and playful and we can tell she was grateful to be adopted because she wouldn’t stop purring and cuddling up to us as soon as we […]

Happy Tail: Smores (FKA Special)

Our family adopted Smores in May 2016. She choose us. Her beautiful face and spark in her step, we knew she was the one. To our surprise, she was 8 years old. We have all been so happy and love that she is a part of our family. Smores spends most of her days basking […]