Happy Tail: Moona

Thank you to the Humane Society of Westchester for having helped us find a new addition to our family. We adopted Moona two months ago.  She is a lab-shepherd mix from the Cayman islands, and she is a dream with our two kids, a toddler and a four year old.  She plays with them but […]

Happy Tail: Hunter

The very hard part about Hunter is it’s hard to get a good picture of him, but I’ve attached one where he hangs out while I do work in the yard! Thank you again for choosing me to be his new home; please know he is well cared for, loved & cherished – I am […]

Happy Tail: Callie (fka Adrian)

When we first met Callie (fka Adrian), she was a shy little girl who caught our attention by looking at us sideways through her cage. You asked us to play with her for a little bit and that was it. We knew she was special and would be a wonderful addition to our family and […]

Happy Tail: Emily Dickenson (fka Monkey)

When Emily Dickinson (formerly Monkey) came home with us in August as a foster, she was emaciated and scraggly. She has bonded with us quickly, grown to a healthy weight, and developed a glossy coat. Emily is now a permanent member of our family and delighted with her new home and her two cat housemates, […]

Happy Tail: Maverick

It has been almost one month since we adopted Maverick. Time flies! We moved back to LA and he is growing so fast – he now weighs about 25lbs.  Maverick has many adventures in Los Angeles including playing at all of the dog parks and dog beaches.  He loves the USC campus, our other dog […]

Happy Tail: Lightning

We brought Lightening home on Friday and here he is just a few hours later.  He already figured out who his best friend is. Thanks for allowing us to have him join our family!

Happy Tail: Grover & Nikita

A little over six years ago, I adopted these sweet monsters as tiny little kittens. Grover (fka Roman) was terrified when I first brought him home and spent the first day hiding under the bed. His sister Nikita (fka Dominique) was fearless and quickly showed him it was safe to come out and play. It […]

Happy Tail: Jack

To the Wonderful Staff, I cannot believe it’s been 2 years since we adopted Jack as a puppy in August 2014!  He has thrived and is now fully grown at 20 pounds. Here is a recent photo with one of his favorite toys.   It has been a period of growth for all of us here […]

Happy Tail: Chloe!

Chloe is loving her new forever home. I just wanted to check in with you all. She’s doing fine and is well adjusted. I love her to pieces. She has an awesome personality! Thank you!